Friday, December 23, 2011

Bad Bad Blogger

I have been horrible at writing on here lately for the simple reason that I have little time to do anything other than work, spend time with family and then when I can eke out a few minutes, actually try to exercise.  Oh how the mighty (me) have fallen.  A little recap of the past month or so:
  • I ran probably eight times
  • I rode my trainer probably eight times
  • I have played four Wednesday night soccer games
  • I have woken up sore beyond belief on four Thursday mornings
  • that what you do in a pool, lake or ocean?  Yeah, I haven't done that since September
  • I have eaten far more than my body can burn off in a day and now am closing in on a number (lbs) far to high for me
Yup, that is what I have been doing.  I am not proud of it, not at all.  I am not a New Year's Resolution-type of guy, but I might have to use that as some motivation.  I am off from work from now until January 3rd, so I am going to try to be active every day and carry that into the new year.  Strike that...I AM going to be active every day from today into the new year!!!

Other than that, everything else is going really well, the baby is eating a ton and getting big (she is not nine weeks old), my other two daughters are tremendous helpers (or they try to be), and my wife is rebounding really well from her third and final pregnancy.  We are all ready to kick off the year with a happy and healthy mind set.

Happy Holidays to everyone and here's to a tremendous 2012!