Thursday, February 28, 2013

Inactivity = Depression

I was given the OK to do some light, easy cycling on my trainer....and thank God, thus far it has been pain-free.  I have ridden two nights this week for 30 minutes each night and plan to go at it again tonight.  Honestly, I all I am trying to do at this point is try to do enough activity to keep my ever expanding waist line in check and just maybe shed a couple of pounds. 

This life of inactivity is something to behold.  For someone that has been uber-active since they were a child not being able to run, bike or swim is like a figurative death sentence.  I feel like I a prisoner to my injury and the 30 minutes a day I am allowed to ride is my "free" time.  I know I am looking at this just a little over-dramatically (I live in a house with four women), but being forced to the sideline because of an injury is a difficult thing.  I have been having mini-bouts of depression over the past month or so, quickly reminding myself that I am going to be getting this injury fixed soon and then the other injury (a hip issue) will come soon after that.

I don't want to ramble on here, so I will leave it at this.  I am, ecstatic that I now have that 30 minutes on the bike a day to clear my head, burn some calories and try to be healthy. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two Words....

....Sports Hernia

I am trying to find a good doctor to have this repaired, but the ones in the immediate area (Philly) don't take my insurance...or any insurance in some instances.  I found a reputable doctor in New Brunswick, NJ, but haven't set up an appointment with him yet (left a message).

Turns out this is the injury I have been dealing with for the past three or four months.  The MRI revealed that I have:
  • Sports Hernia - most likely needs surgery
  • Strained Abdominal Muscle - rest, healed by now
  • Congenital hip dysplasia - nothing I can do about it
I can't run, literally, I can't run.  My left leg just doesn't work correctly and there is pain.  I can't bike, the pain the day/week after is unbearable (can't sleep for more than an hour with out waking up in agony).  I can't swim....because I cancelled my gym membership (times are tight).

Not much else to report on a blog about triathlon when you can't train, can't sign up for races, can't do anything.  It is a sad time right now.