Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm Back...Kind Of

I went to the doctor yesterday and was told that I can start running, albeit at about 25% of what I was doing prior to my injuries.  So today, my oldest daughter and I went out for a 1.45 mile and finished it in around 20 minutes (she needed a few walking/crawling breaks).  Regardless of the time, it was great to spend a bit of time with her and actually shuffle my legs a bit.  Hip hip hooray!!!

Oh, a little back story, after visits with two doctors, I was told my do have what is technically considered a sports hernia, but not something that either would fix with surgery.  Instead I was told to go to physical therapy to strengthen my core and hip.  I have been at it for about three weeks and I can honestly say that my "core" is sore and in much better shape than it was a month (or even three years ago).  The rational is that the pain I was feeling coming from my lower back and the stronger my abdominal area is, the less pressure will be placed on my lower back.  So far so good, I just have to keep up with the PT and ease back into training.

That is it for now...I hope that everyone is getting ready for a great season ahead and enjoying the warm weather (80F+ here in the Mid-Atlantic).


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