Thursday, June 6, 2013

Triathlon Schedule - Time to Pick Races

I have been silent for quite a while now; I have been trying to build up some sort of base fitness, which hasn't been all too successfully.  I think my issue is the fact that I don't have any target races and don't have a training plan in place.  So with that said, I have to pick my races and sign up for them (also decide if I should renew my USA Triathlon membership). 

Here is the list of races I have to choose from (favorites in blue):
  • July 20th - NJ State Triathlon, Mercer County, NJ - Sprint
  • July 27th - Born To Tri, Asbury Park, NJ - Sprint
  • August 4th - Belmar Tri, Belmar, PA - Sprint
  • August 11th - Steelman Tri, Quakertown, PA - Olympic
  • August 17th - Tri the Woods, Wildwood, NJ - Sprint
  • August 25th - TriRock Asbury, Asbury Park, NJ - Sprint
  • August 25th - North East Tri, North East, MD - Olympic
  • September 7th - Shoreman Half Distance Tri, Port Republic, NJ - 1/2 Iron Distance
  • September 8th - Skylands Tri, Clinton, NJ - Sprint
  • September 8th - Diamondman, Lums Pond State Park, DE - 1/2 Iron Distance
  • September 15th - Atlantic City International Tri, Atlantic City, NJ - Olympic
  • September 15th - Savageman Tri, Swindon, MD - 1/2 Iron Distance
  • September 21st - ChesapeakeMan, Cambridge, MD - 1/2 Iron Distance
  • September 22nd - Bethany Beach Tri, Bethany Beach, DE - Sprint/Olympic
  • October 13th - Dottie's House Tri, Island Beach State Park, NJ - Sprint
I think I should be putting a 1/2 IM distance race on the calendar for September and then back fill the rest of my summer calendar from there.  Based on where I live and other factors, either DiamondMan, ShoreMan or ChesapeakeMan will be that race (SavageMan is 5 HOURS from my home).  Because of Hurricane Sandy, most of the races that would have happened along the Jersey Shore are taking this year off.  DiamondMan and ShoreMan might just be too close, not leaving me to train adequately, thus making ChesapeakeMan the front runner at this point in time.

If anyone has any thoughts (that is if anyone reads this anymore), I am open to suggestions or even let me know if there are other races out there that I am missing.  Cheers!


Yasmeen Moshiri said...

I don't know how far this would be for you, but one of my favorite HIM distance races is called the Toughman and is in Tarrytown, NY. It's the weekend of 9/11 every year, so I'm assuming it will be Sunday September 8th this year. It's fantastically run and so great in a really awesome area.

Hom's HOMie said...

I'm sure whatever you pick it will be for the right reasons. This is the only way I get my ass out there too is to just pick something, pay the fees and build toward race day!

Good luck with everything!