Monday, June 10, 2013

Training and Planning

I believe that I have narrowed down my race schedule a bit and with that am getting closer to an actual training plan.  After much debate I think I am going to target ChesapeakeMan as the 1/2 Iron distance race for this year.  The main factor that played into this decision was the fact that the race takes place late in September and it will give me an extra week or two of preparation (looking at around 14 weeks of training).  Now it is time to back fill with other races, probably two sprints and one Olympic.  I hate to say it, but I think I am going to pass on NJ State this year because of the cost and the fact that the Atlantic City International Tri is so close to my "A" race makes it unlikely as well.  I have highlighted the races in ORANGE that I will most likely participate in below:

  • July 20th - NJ State Triathlon, Mercer County, NJ - Sprint ($125)
  • July 27th - Born To Tri, Asbury Park, NJ - Sprint ($85)
  • August 4th - Belmar Tri, Belmar, PA - Sprint ($80)
  • August 11th - Steelman Tri, Quakertown, PA - Sprint or Olympic ($80 - $100)
  • August 17th - Tri the Woods, Wildwood, NJ - Sprint ($109)
  • August 18th - Wilkes-Barre Triathlon - Olympic ($75)
  • August 25th - TriRock Asbury, Asbury Park, NJ - Sprint ($120)
  • September 8th - Skylands Tri, Clinton, NJ - Sprint (TBD)
  • September 15th - Atlantic City International Tri, Atlantic City, NJ - Olympic ($149)
  • September 21st - ChesapeakeMan, Cambridge, MD - 1/2 Iron Distance ("A" race) ($195)
  • Now it is time to find an appropriate training plan and I hope that all of the races fall into place.

    Lastly, I actually had a decent week of swimming, biking and running.  My lower back is still giving me problems, but I think that as I lose weight and strengthen my core, the pain will subside.  I was amazed that my first 100 yds in the pool was done in 1:34 (super fast for me).  I have been consistently around 1:42/100 which is good for me considering I haven't been in the water since last September.  Also, I had a decent bike on Saturday which at a mere 20 miles was a bit short, but I felt good from start to finish and had some good climbs mixed in which built some confidence.

    That's it for now....time to get some work, who am I kidding.


    Yasmeen Moshiri said...

    Now that you have the races scheduled (and you've shelled out the money) you'll get the work done. Often times guilt gets me to 'just do the damn thing'. No worries! I'm sure your aerobic base is still pretty solid. I'm considering talking to my coach about doing the ChesapeakeMan also, maybe even the full IM (or the full aquabike). We shall see! I'll keep you updated!

    Theia said...

    I've heard good things about Steelman. Isn't it nice to have a plan (at least a race plan)?? It always gets me motivated.