Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Training So Far

As is the norm for me, I haven't written much down on my blog lately.  There have been some things going on in my world (e.g. job change, looking for a newer job, family stuff, training stuff, etc.) that have prevented me from spending a few minutes jotting down what is going on with me.  First and foremost, I will state that I have a finalized race calendar:
  • Saturday, July 27th - Born To Tri, Asbury Park, NJ - Sprint Distance
  • Sunday, August 18th - Wilkes-Barre Triathlon - Olympic Distance
  • Saturday, September 21st - ChesapeakeMan-SkipJack - Half Iron Distance (modified)
I may try and add in the Atlantic City International Triathlon on September 15th, only because it looks like a cool race.  With that said, it probably isn't a good choice since my "A" race is only six days after, then again my training schedule says that I should be doing a 14 mile run and 2,200 yd swim that day....I think a race might be neat change.  I'll have to wait and see how I am feeling and if I feel like dropping $180 on the event.

I supposed I should touch on my training, which over the past week or so has turned a corner.  Prior to that, training was atrocious!  The heat and humidity have been killing me and my allergies/exercise-induced asthma.  All of my runs had started out great, right around 8:15/pace, then would drop off significantly over the next few miles to where I was forced to walk in order to survive (e.g. my heartrate would shoot up over 180 BPM and my breathing was very labored).  From Thursday of last week through today, I have been feeling like a new man, running around 8:15/pace on my shorter runs, feeling great on the bike and even smooth in the water.  I have been really using my inhaler wisely and trying to run at the right time of day.

Last night was one of my best workouts on the bike in a while.  I opted to not hop on the trainer and instead did a three-loop 5.3 mile course around my neighborhood.  Each lap was progressively better than the previous and I felt great the entire ride.  I averaged just under 20 MPH for the entire ride (16 miles) and all of my stats were sport on (e.g. heartrate, cadence, etc.).  Tonight I have a 4.5 mile run and 1,400 yd swim (probably end up doing 1,800 yds), I hope that heat doesn't kill me too much on the run.

I am ten days out from my first race in a year.  Granted it is a Sprint Tri, but it is still a race and I still need to be prepared for it.  This is all part of my 2014 plan and I am finally feeling like I am getting healthier and in better shape....although I can't seem to drop the weight I need to....ugh!

Catch you all later, peace out!

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Theia said...

DO AC! That's the one I'm doing. (Hopefully... I'm on the DL and can't run right now. Worst case scenario I will do the aquabike.)

Either way you'll have 2 more fans there -- me and DH!

Glad to see your training is going well. Keep it up and good luck next weekend!