Friday, July 26, 2013

Bad Luck

The past three weeks have pretty much sucked big time, there is not other way to say it.  I have been the unfortunate recipient of some bad luck and I desperately need some thing(s) to happen to get me in to a better state of mind.  In short here is what has happened:
  • Thursday, July 11th - Driving home from work I am stopped and a woman backs into my brand new car.  I literally had the car for no more than two weeks.  It needed over $7,000 worth of work in order to get it back in driving shape.
  • Thursday, July 18th - I am asked to play goalie for a friends soccer game, which I excitedly/hesitantly accept.  About 60 minutes in I tip a ball over the crossbar and land on the outside of my right ankle bend it sideways.  A doctors visit on the following Monday reveals that it is a bad sprain, but thankfully not broken.  During that same doctors' visit I am told that I have pretty significant arthritis in my ankle joint and that I should start limiting my jumping and running activities.  I explain that I am an endurance athlete, to which he thinks I should focus more on the swimming and biking and much less on the running.  UGH!!! (pic below is two days after, the swelling was pretty bad)
  • Thursday, July 25th - I have been interviewing for a new job and everything seems to be going well and I very excited about the opportunity.  I received a voicemail last Thursday (7/18) telling me that everyone has been impressed with me thus far and they want me to come in and meet with the Senior Management for the last round of interviews.  I followed up with a phone call and an email, but haven't heard back from the internal recruiter since the voicemail he left.  I am not optimistic about my chances now (I went through something similar five months ago and it didn't end well for me).
To some, maybe this isn't so terrible, but it seems I am not getting any "good" with the "bad".  Example:  I get a new car which is great, but then I get in to an accident and end up having to pay the deductible because it was a hit and run.  I am finally feeling like from a training standpoint I am back in the groove, then I hurt my ankle and am limited to only swimming for the past week (can't get my cycling shoes on my foot yet).  The job thing, I just want an answer, I want closure, either a phone call setting up the next interview or communicate to me that I am no longer a candidate.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I signed up for a race tomorrow (signed up two days before my ankle injury) that I am not going to be able to do (because of the injury) and I don't think I am going to get any refund or credit for future races.  Friggin' great, $105 down the drain!!!!

Alright enough "woe is me" for now.  On a positive note two blog buddies are doing Ironman's this weekend:
Good luck to both of you!!!  Hopefully I will be back for my second to last Ironman next November at IM Arizona 2014....with my last Ironman hopefully being Kona in 2015.  One can dream can't I?  Cheers!!!


Yasmeen Moshiri said...

Thanks for the positive vibes for IMLP. As for your streak of bad least it's just that! Right?! It's a bad patch, not a bad life (I try to tell myself that too). I would love to come riding with you, so I will definitely let you know when I'm back on my bike and in that area! Thinking positive thoughts for the job opportunity!

Miguel Vieira said...

Hey buddy! I havent been on the blogging scene for a while since I am now on Instagram and pretty much use that as a blogging platform as well.

Sorry to hear about the bad luck, but Im sure things will be alright soon! Heal up quickly, and no more friendly soccer games!! :)